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Xanda - /dev/project - Mount GMail to your Microsoft Windows

Hey.. you know what... You can you GMail as your personal file server and the most interesting part is, you can simply drag and drop your file in your Windows

Here is the simple howto:

  1. Download GMail Drive shell extension and install it
  2. Once finished, click on My Computer and you will see the GMail Drive icon is there.

  3. Double click on the icon and it will prompt you a login screen. Login using your gmail account and password

  4. Now, simply drag and drop a file to the GMail Drive

  5. Once you can see the file is in the GMail Drive, basicly you have uploaded the file to gmail

  6. Once finish uploaded, a new email will be arrive in your GMail account

  7. You can download back your file either using GMail Drive or webbased through GMail webmail

Enjoy ;)